Working Papers

”#” marks supervised postgraduate students


In Chinese

  • 2006: Zhentao Shi, Yuefei Zhang, and Yaogguang Chen
    • “A Comparative Research on the Efficiency of China Mainland and Hong Kong Stock Markets,” Journal of Financial Research (金融研究), 6, 33-40
  • 2004: Zhentao Shi and Liuyong Yang
    • “An Analysis of Long-run Gold Price Determinants,” Journal of Statistical Research (统计研究), 6 (2), 21-24

book chapter

  • 2021: #Ka Yan Cheng, Naijing Huang and Zhentao Shi
    • “Survay-Based Forecasting: To Average or Not To Average,” in Vladik Kreinovich, Songsak Sriboonchitta, Woraphon Yamaka (eds.), Studies in Computational Intelligence: Behavioral Predictive Modeling in Economics, vol. 897, pp 87-104, Springer-Verlag